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Help can I remove the apps that keep insisting on trying to load themselves ?


Feb 9, 2016
I think I must have loaded a program/app that brought with it a number of other apps that I don't want. they ask me to load them and I don't want them. Such as asian babes. they start up as letter I in a circle on the bar and then take over the screen if I ignore them. I have to wait about 30 seconds before they let me back into the screen then I can press the x in the corner or press the cancel buttons for each one. Is it possible to remove them? are they stored somewhere that can be deleted? if so how?
You need to remove the app that loaded them in the first place, as well as uninstall the apps that it brought with it.
Thanks for the reply chanchan.
The thing is I no so little about the android system.
I don't know which apps are responsible .

I do know that if I go to explorer/internal memory I find a number of directories, non of which looks like anything I downloaded recently.

The directory named 'download' contains 30 files all of which have the titles that consist of a long line of numbers and letters around 32 symbols long and nothing else?

Whilst composing this I have found an app called asian date and swept it to the top of the page where it asked if I wanted to delete it which I have done.

Some of the others (on the task bar as the letter i in a circle ) consist of 'android patch' and 'zui locker', are these legitimate updates being offered?

A green box appears on the middle of the screen whilst I am doing something else, telling me 'your app hasn't loaded' it locks the computer for about 30 seconds then changes to another box that has options to cancel or down load programs.
I press cancel for each one
360 security
whale news .
After trying to cancel them, the last one is covered by a strip on the screen that says
'parse error. there is a problem parsing the package. OK
I press OK, press cancel on the last one and it returns me to what I am doing.
It is just a nuisance and I would like to stop it but don't have any idea how?
Any ideas?
Any advice would be welcome, constructive advice that is :)
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I'd say you've got something like ad ware or malware.

Some random ideas...

If you are in marshmallow, see if any app has permission to draw over other apps.

Do you have a suspicion what might be installing it...recently installed app from shady source? Uninstall that.

Clear cache on browser and clear cache in recovery.

Maybe there are some legitimate scanning apps to look for this type of thing..not sure. (Never had anything like it. )

Is it New phone, or just started acting up on old phone?
What type phone (some cheap ones May vibe with similar stiff loaded). Are you rooted? Using which root tool?
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it looks like my idea of adware.
As I say I know very little of the android environment.
I don't know what marshmallow is :D.
I loaded farm heroes recently, I would be surprised if such a commercial app had malware with it?
Where are browser and recovery cache? :D
I have a malware detector on my pc that must be working, I don't get any malware anymore on there. I will look for a similar app.
It's a tablet. In fact the Arnova, that I understand doesn't run a full copy of android but a cut down version from Currys/PC world before they joined.
Again I know nothing of 'rooted'?
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there is nothing in settings/apps that looks like the programs that keep appearing or a program that would produce them?
I swept the asian babes up to the top of the screen and it asked if I wanted to delete it which I did. Its not in the settings/apps page and I have net seen it since I deleted it by sweeping it off the top of the screen?
I now have one that says it is Amazon shopping?
it asks if I want to install, when I say no it disappears but comes back when I next switch on?
There must be something hidden somewhere that is inviting all these adverts because it has only recently started to happen.
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Addons Detector available from Play Store is useful to track adware. Install then press Scan (middle bubble), wait until finished then press Addons bubble (top left). In this screen use the drop to work through the various types of add-ons and it shows the apps responsible in the list below. Anything you don't recognise or looks dodgy take a note of it, and then uninstall from Settings > Apps > Dodgy App uninstall button should be at top.

Also as electricpete has said, clear browser cache and data in case of hijack - same deal in Settings >Apps scroll to Browser or Internet press and scroll down and press buttons for clear cache, and clear data.
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