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Root Can I update to 4.1.2 if I'm rooted..?

i don't believe you can update while rooted, you may need to restore your stock image (if you have it)
Update it, then Re-Root it

OTA's tend to re-write files and it removes Root.

You can update when rooted, but you must have stock recovery, not custom. If you use SuperSU, you can put it in survival mode, do the OTA, then take it off survival mode and all will be well.
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Where is this guide? I'm giving up in frustration. I apologize but I cant seem to find it.
if I could disable the update prompting not sure its even worth it. Unless it will cause more problems down the road.
The Guide is the thread '4.1.2 Update for Rooted Users' in the 'Nexus 7 - All Things Root' forum (this one). And yes, you can be rooted with a custom recovery (I used CWM) and take the update. I used Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper before updating and kept root and kept cwm custom recovery through the process.
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