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can i "upgrade" using phone insurance for the new s3??

I currently have the Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 and I have the phone insurance. I want to know if there is a way to swap it for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and just pay the deductible (ya know like how the other carriers let you upgrade after 1 year)

the s2 has had a lot of problems and I did do the update to GC01 but I am not completely satisfied. I want the new s3 but if there's way to get it by doing a swap and only paying the deductible ($100) that would be awesome.
I've read on another thread someone did just that 3 times and just said the phone was defective....(sounds a little to easy to be true)

(thanks in advanced to those who do answer this, I am a newbie to the forum:))


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