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Help Can no longer make outgoing calls via Bluetooth

I'll admit I don't make calls via Bluetooth very often, but I do know it used to work for me. Then last week I tried to make a call and nothing. This is with a Motorola device in my car. I can answer incoming calls with the device just fine, and when I went to check my voicemail (dialing from the phone's keypad), the audio played through the device. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy SIII, with Android 4.4.2.
Used to be that when I tried to make a call, the voice would ask for a command and I'd say call whoever yadda yadda. Now when I try, the phone puts up a window asking whether to use Google Search or S Voice. If I choose S voice, I get a message that no network can be found.
Thinking it might be the Motorola BT in my car I tried pairing the phone with a Jabra headset I have, and I get the same behavior. Oddly, if I hold the call button down on the Jabra, the phone calls voicemail; if I do that with the Motorola device, it calls Bing Information (or something similar.)
Any ideas? I've been through the settings and didn't find anything out of the ordinary, but I could certainly have missed something. The only new app that I've installed is Nine, to get my work email.
Thanks for any assistance!


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