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Help Can not turn my Ott Box on.


Feb 10, 2016
Hi. Only had for almost 2 months and the other day took it back because of programming problems. When I got it back home, it would not turn on. There is not external on/off switch. The only way is with the remote, I think. It is a Ott TV Box 4X CPU 4XGPU. There is a red light on inside the box. I have checked the Electrical power, put in new batteries (twice), don't know what else to do. I am getting a red light from the remote, so I assume it is ok. Do I have to return to shop. It is about 1 hours drive away. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
When you say you're getting a red light from the remote is this from the output end of the remote and you used a digital camera to check it? How close are you from the box when you are trying to operate it they are some what sensitive to distance, if you are close enough to the box ie 10 meters and you have checked the ir output with a cell phone camera then the problem appears to possibly be with the box its self. The sensor could have gone bad and not receiving the signal, don't know at this time whether a USB air remote would work with that type of box or not. Sounds like at this time your going to have to contact them via phone or take a road trip. Hopefully this helps I'm sure it's not what you really wanted to hear.:(
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