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Can someone explain to me about updates?


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May 3, 2012
I don't get one thing: updates. Why are there so many that is required. I don't do auto updates, so when it's time, I have to update like 30+ different apps. I understand for certain things to require updates: antivirus, browsers, maps, etc.

But why do these require updates?

Flashlight apps, Color notes, circle battery, Flixter, IMDB, MX player, TuneinRadio, Textplus, etc.

I guess I don't understand. Updates are a pain. When I'm going through it, everything lags. I can't do anything else when the phone is updating. If I have to update more than 3-4 at a time, then I might as well put the phone down and have dinner because it's going to take a long time.
i suggest doing auto update on wifi only. If you have a decent wifi signal at home it shouldn't be a problem. Rxpert83 touched on it a little. The updates are needed to maintain compatibility between not only different versions of Android but also different manufacturers of phones. This is one reason some people are upset with the Fragmentation issue of the Android OS. It's very hard for a Developer to keep his app compatible with so many different versions of android running on so many different phones.
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I can appreciate getting a few updates now and again. I understand how important updates can be. But if I'm using a flash light app, where all it does, is turn on my flash, WHy the hell would I need an update?

Because it might work fine on your SGS3, but malfunction on any JB4.2 phones or cause a Nexus device to explode. Hardware reacts differently to code.
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