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Root Can Someone Please Help Me Root 4.4.2 Virgin Mobile


Sep 27, 2014
Help root virgin mobile HTC Desire 601 Kit Kat 4.4.2

Hey guys, I'm not a noob so it's okay if you don't feel like explaining every step but it would be much appreciated. I've never rooted an HTC device and I only rooted one kit Kat device so I haven't been on the rooting scene in a long time...

This is for the kit Kat, virgin mobile version. I've found many TUTS, but they are either vary vague or either not for this exact version.

Here are my requests:

1. I prefer CWM Recovery but I think only TWPR or whatever it is, is supported. I've worked with CWM all my life but for one froyo phone so that was pretty long ago.

2. S-Off, please let me know exactly what it is to get pass this or whatever I need to do because I've read that it causes problems

3. Any custom roms yet?

4. Wi-Fi Tether work? Because if not, I created two apps, one that glitches and allows you to bypass the unsubscribed error and the other that tethers the phone but only works on rooted devices and so far every phone I tested it on works.

5. Could you post all steps here and if not, you could post to a page if it has the steps.

Thank you

PS: this is the exact model sold from virgin mobile


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