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Can Tasker launch a multi-task window on a SG4?


Dec 19, 2013
Can Tasker launch a multi-task window on a SG4?

I would love to launch my multi-task window and open 2 apps in it using tasker on my SG4.
Has anyone been able to do this or seen any threads that might have some relevant info as to how I might accomplish this?

Additional info:
As part of my “Driving Mode” task automation I would love to open both Waze and Escort live in split screen when I doc my phone. I currently have everything working as needed with a NFC tag except I don’t know how to open the 2 apps in split screen mode. It currently launches them separately which requires you to toggle back and forth between the two which isn’t the best practice when driving.

If tasker can’t access the multi window are there any apps or programs out there that can record your phones keystrokes/gestures that one could use to create a macro to do this?

I’m running Jelly Bean 4.3 on a rooted SG4



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