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Cannot access t-mobile profile in app.


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Jan 8, 2016
I tried going through the T-mobile forums but ended up with a clincal psychopath (nut using hyperbole here) name Marissa banning my ability to post or make any new thread for no apparent reason, and replacing the word "stupid" with "fluffy" and the word "crappy" with "magical" in my posts, while also making a second account so that she could call me a "doodoo head" and say I had a bad attitude for demanding that the system be fixed and for my declaring that I had tried enough stuff. I am attaching a pdf of that thread if you are curious. I saved a PDF in case she alters my posts or other parts of the thread again. I also tried messaging t-mobile, but that does not work. They never reply even after 3 days.

So, I want to remove the web guard crap. It blocks much more than porn BTW. So, when I go to profile and go to turn off web guard, I punch in all my info, name, address, last 4 of social, and then hit submit and every time, over a period of days, I end up with a message saying the age verification server has had an error. I tried doing it through the app, but the app always tells me there is an error and to wait a few minutes when I try to access my profile at all. I cannot access he profile through the app even after days of waiting.

So then I try messaging t-mobile because I don't want to spend 45 minutes on hold, but the buttholes never reply, even after 3 days.

So, how do I get rid of this crap? It blocks a lot more than porn.

Hrmm... I could not find a way to attach a PDF.

Also, the new androidforum web user interface is horrible. Please go back to the old one.
Unless you have a TMO issued phone, you can delete the app. Otherwise you might be able to use permissions to mute it. I have an unlocked phone and deleted it. If I wish to use my account, I use a Linux box.

If the TMO "Marissa" was not listed as "TMO marissa" she's a fake. They do object to language on the PC forums but usually just used stars or asterisks on the word.
Try going here https://support.t-mobile.com/community/community on a computer and checking on posts. They do answer or a good guide does. You can also get to TForce by Facebook or Twitter. Tforce is made up of real employees and does answer.
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