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Help Cannot connect Droid 4 to Macbook Pro


Jun 28, 2013
Alright I'm sure this topic has been covered numerous times on here, but I am experiencing a unique problem, and so far no one across the internet has been able to help me solve it.

Before you tell me to download a bunch of programs: Don't. It doesn't help. My Droid 4, running Ice Cream Sandwich, does not even show that it is connected to a USB port. The little USB icon that's supposed to appear in the task bar, doesn't. My Macbook Pro, running Mountain Lion, doesn't seem to acknowledge anything is connected to it. I've tried downloading the suggested programs: Android File Transfer, Salling Media Sync, and neither of those can detect my Droid either.

I've been trying for months to be able to back up my photos to my computer, and this is my last resort, unless someone wants to solve the problem of why trying to send media via Bluetooth between my Droid and Macbook fails too. I've already been to the Apple Support forums, so don't send me there because they sent me here.

If you guys know anything that could solve this, I would be very grateful.
Welcome zoevee to Android Forums :hello: I am not very good with a Mac but I can move this to the Droid 4 forums and also ask some other members with macs to help.

One thing you might try is a Dropbox account. When you install the app and the program on your Mac it will sync all of your pictures wirelessly. It will also sync every time you take a new pic or video.
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