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cannot connect to public wifi


Jul 16, 2012
Hi folks;
I have a LG P930 Nitro, recently upgraded to ICS, and I cannot get on any public wifi. I can, however, get on my home wifi, so connectivity is not an issue.

When I go to McD's, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Kohls, a hospital, or any other place with a public wifi, I have to turn wifi on, scan for open hotspots, pick one, and then connect. I do this by going to "System Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Wifi", and under "wifi networks", picking the one I want, and tap "select". It will say "connected", and then as soon as I go to the browser or Google Search, I am instantly kicked off the wifi network, and when looking at my settings, I see that wifi has been turned off! I can do this numerous times, and it is always the same. I downloaded Wifi Fixer, and it is as useful as nipples on a boar.
I use Dolphin as the default browser, but also have Chrome, Firefox, and the native browser.

Today, my wife and I were near a Starbucks, and I had to borrow her phone, an Avail ZTE 990 with (I think) FroYo! Worked fine, connnected with Dolphin, and had no trouble. Felt like throwing this expensive phone through a wall...



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