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Help Cannot disable notification sound when charging Sony Xperia 5 IV


Deleted User

My Sony Xperia 5 IV always gives a notification sound and vibration when I plug in the charger cable. I have found a setting to turn this off, in Settings > Sounds and vibration, where there is a setting for "Charging sounds and vibration". I have set it to "off" but the sound and vibration are still active. It is very annoying. The only way to silence it is to set the phone to Do-not-disturb, but I really want to turn it off completely.
The system is updated and running Android 13.
Sorry for double posting, I created a second account because I couldn't remember my password, or my email address (hehe) but now I'm back. Anyway, here is an update to my first post above: I realized that the annoying charging notification was not due to the charging itself, but due to the "Optimized battery charging" -setting. Apparently, that notification has its own rules, and I cannot find a way to silence it. Does anybody know?
In the meantime, I have disabled optimized battery charging. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on the charging status.
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