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Help Cannot Install a specific app knowing that it can run


Jan 24, 2016
Cannot Install a specific app knowing that it can run in my phone very easily. I checked that my device maintains free storage to install the app. I've tried factory reset, but no help. It says that it cannot be installed at this time error -504 everytime.


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Error 504:


App cannot be downloaded due to an error. (504)


Method 1:

Go to Settings>> Application Manager or Apps>> open "All" apps

From the list find Google Play Store >> clear data and clear cache

Find Google Service framework(Google Play Services) from the list>> clear data and clear cache

Now install or, update app from Play Store

Method 2:

Navigate to System Settings>> Accounts>> Google>> Remove gmail account

From Settings>> Apps>> All> Force Stop then clear data and cache from Play store, google service framework (google play services) and download manager (like in method 1)

Again go to Settings>> Accounts>> Google>> add your gmail account

Restart your Android device then accept all Google terms and setup Google settings

Re-run Google Play Store and update or, install app.
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Yes to the above methods. I also had the same error where the same google account was on two phones. The app was installed on the first, but gave a 504 error when trying to install on the second phone. (Everything else installed OK so it was not a connection issue). It seems that some apps only allow one install per account (but many work fine with multiple installs)
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