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Cannot locate Samsung keyboard in App settings

Hello, I am Gearhead_Idiot and I need help. I have a samsung Galexy S20 FE 5G running android version. 12.

The real issue here is my predictive text library is full of errors. Whenever I hold my finger on the erroneous word within the predictive library on the keyboard, nothing happens. I can delete many words by holding my finger down on them, however, again none of the words I actually want to delete offer that option.

I've searched within the phone's settings high and low, there is no general 'reset' button within the section labeled language and keyboard. - I found another forum post akin to this and it had mentioned I could delete the keyboards cache of saved words somewhere within 'Apps', but there is no samsung keyboard listed as an option. - There is no keyboard application on the 'Apps' page.

Is there any other location within the devices settings for a general keyboard memory reset?

(Sorry for poor sentence structure, English is not my primary language). Thanks for helping if you can.
Personally, I despise and do not trust stock keyboards.

Especially if the settings are hard to find, or are convoluted.

There are many alternatives available.

The ones I like are small and simple (and secure), but there are so many more options out there.

I would try a few others.
If you like predictive text (I do not), then try SwiftKey and more like it.
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I dont have a Samsung, but here is where the setting is in one of my devices.

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