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Cannot make Google Voice call from Contacts App


Dec 25, 2011
Long time Google Voice/Android user here but I've identified one problem and want to see if others have the same issue.

When I use the "Contacts" application on my Android phone, and select to call one of my contacts, I do not get the option to complete the action using Google Voice. (Only options are Phone or Skype) If I first click on the main "Phone" application/dialer and dial the name or number, I do get the option to either use or not use Google Voice. Is there anyway to make a GV outbound call from the Contacts application/list?

If I choose to text a person rather than call them, I do get the option to complete the action using Google Voice, Skype, or SMS. Why do I get the option when texting, but not when selecting to call someone?

I'm aware of the setting in the GV application where you can choose to always use, never use, or to always ask. I have it set to always ask.

Device: HTC Sensation 4G
Carrier: TMobile
Country / Language: US/English
OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): Android/GV fully up to date


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