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Cannot tether MACbook to new Incredible 2

I own a MACbook Pro with Snow Leopard, and until this week owned a Droid X. I have Verizon Wireless with unlimited data plan (grandfathered). I had my Droid X set up as a Bluetooth PAN, and it worked perfectly for tethering. I just got an Incredible 2 (needed the SIM card so I could vacation in Europe) over the weekend. I cannot seem to get any of the following to work:
1) I cannot set up Bluetooth DUN or Bluetooth PAN. Using a phone number of #123 (or 123) does not seem to work in DUN setup. The setup actually wants phone number, account name, and password. If you look on the Droid it always ends up saying "paired but not connected". On Bluetooth PAN it wants username, password, APN, and CID.
2) I cannot get PDAnet to work. It fails to connect either hard tethered or via Bluetooth DUN. I put the most recent version of PDAnet on both the Droid and the MACbook. I tried re-installing both a few times just to see if that would help. If I hard tether the error is "Unable to open interface (e00002c5)"
3) When I hard tether, a popup box shows up on my Incredible asking what kind of connection I want and gives me about 8 choices. Those are: charge only, HTC synch, disk drive, internet connection mode, media synch, and internet pass-through.
4) I wrote to PDAnet via their website and read all of the droid FAQ links. No help.
5) On the Droid, there is Settings > Wireless & Networks > Internet Connection Mode. There is also "3G Mobile Hotspot" but if you select that it brings you to a screen asking you to agree to pay $30 and $10 per gig.

I am not a Droid OS geek so trying to root the phone seemed iffy at best and I didn't want to risk losing access to this phone only 10 days before my Europe vacation. I cannot imagine that there are no step-by-step instructions for PDAnet that really are "for dummies". Tether, DUN or PAN makes no difference to me - just need one that works consistently. The instructions on the PDAnet website do not cover what connection type to select on the Droid, what settings to enter in the Bluetooth portion of settings, etc.

Also, when I spoke with Verizon Tech Support they never even heard of Bluetooth DUN or Bluetooth PAN.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Assuming you got wireless data on the phone itself working. Can't you plug the phone into the Macbook, and turn on USB tethering on the phone? That's what I do with a Macbook with Snow Leopard. For the OP, the carrier has disabled tethering in the phone itself, unless pay the extra tethering fee. The Droid is showing Verizon tethering payment plans. There's no need to upgrade to Mavericks, and anyway my Macbook can't be upgraded, it's too old.
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Have you found a solution yet? I now have a Huawei Y300 Ascend and I want to connect to my MBP with ML on it. I do not wish to upgrade to Mavericks.

That's a Chinese phone and you're in Africa, so I would assume the phone isn't locked to a carrier and subject to crippling, e.g. disabling tethering unless you pay the extra $$$. Which frequently happens with phones that are locked to US carriers, e.g. Verizon. You should just be able to either plug it in and turn on USB tethering, or use it as a WiFi hotspot. Either should work with a Mac, because that's what I do.
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It seems that one has to reinvent the wheel to get it done. In Linux, I have a working solution. With Mac, I had a series of mishaps following software updates. Clearly, Mac and I are on different roads altogether. be thankful that you have a good old Mac that actually works, as it seems that common sense went to the grave with Steve Jobs.
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