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Cannot text or call any one with an Apple

Hello all,

I have recently developed a serious issue in that I cannot send/receive texts from anyone with an Apple device and with very few exceptions call or receive calls from Apple devices.

The back story: Towards the end of March my phone was acting all sorts of buggy, and after contacting Motorola during which their Level Two diagnostics team remoted in and found nothing wrong.They suggested a factory reset, since for any further diagnostics I would need to send the phone in of find a Verizon Company store, so I agreed and did the reset

While this seemed on to fix the buggines issue a new one arrised in that it no-communicat-o with Apple-o's
Nothing I could do was able to rectify the problem.

Figuring this to be a carrier issue I contacted Verizon and they made some changes on their end they also said I had an "outdated" SIM card. [I got this SIM card in 2018 after loosing my company cell phone and I have kept it throughout my time with Verizon during which I have gone thru probably five phones, all Motorola. Some were to upgrade my model and some were replaced under warranty]. I went that night right after work to the local Verizon store, (a non company one) and got a new SIM but my problem remains.

So in desperation a did another reset but unfortunately it did not fix it either. I will also say that I get almost no calls anymore, even from Android users, kinda like everyone fell off the face of the earth.....

I used to have an IT guy live below me, and he is also rather well versed in phone technology, and thru the various "issues" that I have had, I/we know how to cover most of the bases and learned how to fix most issues, but he is baffled on this.

I desperately need to get this fixed, and dont want to throw money at getting a new phone only to still have the same issue, my gut says its gotta be a software issue or setting issue but i'll be damned what it is. Its becoming an issue with my job since I cant talk to management, they use Apples and even some non apple users, like
my mother, for example, is 82, and has a hard enough time with technology says my phone number just wont work, she gets nothing..

The only thing I did not yet do is to try resetting the APN. I have the Preferred Network Type as Global, same as it has always been, in fact no setting is different from the past in terms of how I have the phone set up and I have been thru the settings many times over to see what I missed. I may still have overlooked something, but I needed to go to the experts, thus my thread here.....

Moto G Power 2020 ver
Verizon pre-paid, 4G LTE
All apps up to date
All setting the same as before the issues
No difference on WiFi or using if using LTE on roaming

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
Well, ahhh, no I dont think so, lol

I could try that, in fact I would say its mandatory before I call Verizon again.

Only other issue, and one I had that I thought was Moto only, but since I did the second factory reset it reappeared again, (for the third time overall), is that the Moto Notifications app is either corrupt, the current update is corrupt.

Not sure if you've seen the Icon, but mine has changed to pink and it says something to the effect of You/me and it opens to a girl with a microphone and the contact info at the bottom is like for Columbia, the country, Motorola techs removed the update but I had to disable the app. I kinda freaked on them, like, Dont you think thats, like a friggin virus?? I just now tonight had to disable the app again and remove the update.

Figured I should mention it.....:rolleyes:
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Finally fixed.

It seems that Mr. Hacker was an Apple fan...... Once he/she/they "assumed control" of my phone number/account they had it placed into the Apple Imessage system or the like. Once I did the first hard reset it locked them out, but also locked me out of accessing any Apple devices......

After two+ days of SCREAMING at Verizon:

I bit the bullet for the umpteenth time and had my account closed and opened a whole new account and yet another phone number (with my full payment for) and viola, full usage of what I pay my provider for...

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