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Cannot update OTA Failure?!

Alex Foster

Jun 15, 2017

I bought a htc one m9 from ebay, since i had it i cannot update the version of android on it, it gives me random buggy messages, i cannot download certain apps, or update certain apps.
I spoke to the kind people at HTC and they said the plonker I bought it off imported it from the USA and wasn't covered by warranty because what he did to the phone software, and the seller has basically wiped his hands of me and all i could do was give him a negative review due to the fact i bought it and instantly went on holiday to Asia for 9 months and now have landed in Australia.
So can anyone please explain to me whether I can just restore this phone to its original software and then update to the latest android, I am not fussed about cracking the software or doing anything fancy I just want it to work and work correctly like it was out the box.
I have attached a photo of which is the screen I get after the updates install and gets to 25%

Thank You for any advice!!!!


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