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can't add a weather clock widget to the home screen

ok, so i found my old HTC Desire 510 and decided to mess with it a little bit. So i did a factory reset everything works fine, but now for some reason i can't add a weather clock widget to the home screen or any other panel next to it. It's weird, some widgets can be added with no problem, while others (including the weather clock widget) can't. And yes, i have enough room on the home screen. So what happens is i drag the widget to the home screen (or any other panel) and it shows the "choose your location" screen, so i choose my city and it closes as if everything was done successfully, but there's still nothing on the home screen (the widget doesn't appear). Any ideas?
Or perhaps it depends on some service that no longer exists and so crashes when you try to set it up?

It's very difficult to work out causes remotely, especially if all you really know is that it doesn't work.

If this is a HTC widget it won't work on a third-party launcher anyway. But you might have to try a third-party widget in place of it, because I doubt there's much more can be done here: you've already done a factory reset, so all that would be left would be reflashing the phone (which will only help if the problem is that somehow the system software has become corrupted - if it's something else then reflashing is unlikely to change anything).
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