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Help Can't get dock to hold!


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Sep 2, 2011
Just bought the Asus EEE Transformer Pad (part #TF300T) and can't get it to snap into the dock (part #TF101 Mobile Docking). It is properly aligned as it doesn't move back and forth, but the lock button won't work so it won't go down all the way into the docking slot.

Is there something we don't know or aren't doing???? The docking station is the 'Asus EEE Pad Transformer'.
The TF101 dock is not compatible with the TF300. You need a TF300 dock.

Also, wrong forum ;)

You want to be in this forum:
ASUS Transformer Pad 300 - Android Forums

Thanks for the info. We're on our way back to the store! As for the forum, this is the forum for Android tablets. Didn't realize I needed to be so specific. Sorry about that.
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Well, thanks for the info. Just if anyone is interested.... we took the dock back and exchanged it for the correct one. It works perfectly now!

That's great news. Glad things worked out well for you and your new Transformer.

Just a side note, I have a background in manufacturing, and I also understand about maximizing profit by reducing (mfg) costs,...and with that said I can't understand why Asus made a decision to NOT make the newest Transformer series (TF 201, TF 300 and the TF 700T) utilize interchangable docks. From what I can make out the devices are almost the same, so why wouldn't they reduce mfg costs by making all of these Transformers with Dock interchangability? I'm puzzled about that decision. Having to completely retool for each device? Doesn't make much sense to me.
(Yes, I'm aware that the TF201 is metal and the TF300 is plastic....but they could still use the same Dock.)
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