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Can't get text messages from some contacts


Jul 23, 2021
I switched from an iPhone to a S21+ last month with T-Mobile as my service provider for both. I've just found out that at least 2 of my contacts I can send them text messages which they receive and read without a problem however I do not get texts messages from them. Other contacts I get text messages from without a problem. I received texts from these 2 contacts fine before on my iPhone so assume it has something to do with the s21+.

I have looked at the contacts to make sure they are not blocked and they are not. I have deleted the contacts and reentered them and rebooted the phone but still can't get texts from them.

I may go back to T-Mobile store for help if no one else suggests any help for this problem, at my wit's end.

Are these 2 contacts iPhone users? And if so, did you sign out of iMessage before you switched phones?

If the answers are "yes" and "no" respectively then that's the problem: Apple's database still thinks you are on iMessage so when iPhone owners try to send you a text it is sent as an iMessage, and hence is never delivered. It's a long-standing "feature" of iMessage.

Fortunately there is now a way to sign out of iMessage without the iDevice: see the bottom of this page. I say "there is now" because it took several years and the beginning of a class action before Apple provided any way of deregistering without an iPhone (understandably, since it worked in their interest: many people who switched would assume it was a problem with their new phone and switch back. It made perfect commercial sense for them to do nothing about it until forced - morally reprehensible, but commercially rational).

If it's not that then I've no idea: if they are sending simple SMS then unless your phone is blocking them there is very little that the phone has to do with it. That's why my suspicion is that it's the infamous "your number is still registered with iMessage" problem - in fact it might be worth using that link to be certain anyway.
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Hadron you are a lifesaver! This took care of the problem, should have know it was an Apple issue rather than blaming the S21+ lol.

Many thanks hopefully this can help someone else down the road as well, follow Hadron's link and deregister from iMessage online, enter the code they text you and it fixed the problem.
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