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Can't make up my mind on which phone I should get...


Oct 21, 2012
I'm really leaning towards the Nexus 4 (I already pre-ordered it. Should get here some time in early January)

I could cancel the order of the Nexus, and just wait until the Galaxy S4, or some an Optimus G, or something. It's just that I don't know if 16gb will be enough. I don't have a lot of music, but I am a big gamer. As it is, I haven't even used 8gb yet on my current phone, but that's because it's rather low-end, and can't run major games. The only game it has on it is Wild Blood.

The major things that I LOVE about the Nexus 4 is:

1. The design. It's beautiful, in my opinion.

2. I'm a developer, and I'd always have the first glance at updates so that I could further support my apps.

3. It's CHEAP!

4. I could finally rub it in to my iPhone friends that Android is actually a good ecosystem.

What are other viable alternatives to the Nexus 4? I can't really think of that many for some reason...


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