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can't read the SIM, keeps turning off and on again


Android Question

Hey everyone,
I just got a brand new phone for Christmas - HTC Desire Z, so excited.
The only problem is I turn in on and put in my SIM card, everything goes smoothly and right after I type my PIN the phone shuts down by itself. There is NO problem with my SIM or with the way I am putting it in :), that's for sure. I've tried to charge it even though a new phone should be ok and in the 20 seconds before shutting down I notices the battery half ful...no problem with that. I am convinced there is something wrong with the machine because it doing nothing but shutting down and turning on by itself and if I don't take the battery out of it it would probably do that forever.
So I am asking here - any experiences - before we send it back or I will throw it out of the window, really.


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