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Help Can't remove apps?


Aug 11, 2012
Hi guys just got a One X and am new to Android so maybe I'm missing something, I know you have to hold and move the apps up to the remove icon but every time I try it will only let me move the app so far up. Also I downloaded Zedge and whenever I search a song I see where it says ringtone but it won't seem to let me click it. Any suggestions?
Same here, I mistakenly added my old shortcuts from my Inspire and realized the camera was already in the static ICONS on the home screen. I tried to remove it as normal with the INSPIRE but it only allows it to go up half way. Have had HTCs and this is the first time the OS will not let me remove the "SHORTCUT". Don't know what to do except restart and recover the phone which is pretty annoying because of a shortcut, there has to be a way. I've had the phone for less that 24 hrs, so I'll let you know if I find something.
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Okay, few days past this issue now and wanted to follow up with my "lessons learned". HTC one X that doesn't allow icons to be removed have errors on the touch screen and they should be replaced. Best way to envision this is to think of our screen as a rail road track, where one rail ends there is another track that but's right up next to the ended track. However, there is still a break in the track (screen) where there is dead space and has zero sensitivity and will not work. Long story longer, the phone is defective and should be replaced. I tried to work through this but when I replaced it, it was obvious it was a defective phone because the new HTC Once X worked exactly like all other HTC's.
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you could have used the test menu (*#*#3424*#*#) to check the touch screen if you wanted to before you sent it in (it sounds like the digitizer was messed up enough that maybe you might not have been able to hit the touch screen test button) but I'm glad you were able to get a replacement that works! enjoy your phone!
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