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Help Can't turn on the phone

Hell-o, I have a problem with my new phone. It froze after I connected headphones that I got with the phone. I left the phone for a while thinking that it may awake but, alas, it didn't. Being unable to do anything else I removed the battery. Since then I was unable to turn the phone on. After I connect it to my PC or the charger there's only a blinking empty battery icon with a white circle inside. One thing that get some response is pressing volume down button after which I'm asked to press volume up/down whether I want to download some other OS or restart the phone. I do the latter and I'm back to the blinking icon... What should I do know?
If, after leaving the battery out for a few minutes and the reinserting it, you are unable to turn the phone on by pressing the power button (you do have to press it for quite a long time until the Samsung logo appears - then let go) it appears that your phone is defective.

Plugging in headphones clearly shouldn't crash the phone. If you have not been messing about with it by rooting or installing a 3rd party ROM, it looks like you will have to return it.

BTW, there are three states you can start your phone in. Normal startup just by pressing the power button, Home+Power+Volume up gets me into system recovery mode (but I've rooted my phone so it is probably a bit different to yours) and Home+Power+Volume down allows you to install a custom ROM.

You should at least try the Home+Power+Volume up and see what happens before trying to return the phone.
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