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samsung galaxy s2

  1. ironass

    WhatsApp will no longer work on the Galaxy S2

    See... On January 1, WhatsApp will no longer work on the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 Mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and 43 other models
  2. Rezzinator

    can't get APK to work

    I'm using a Galaxy S2 and trying to get textnow APK to work because you can't sign in on the older versions. but the problem is every time that I tried to load the APK it says APK not compatible. Is there any way to make the APK compatible with the device it is running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.
  3. D

    Help Trying to tear down my Galaxy S2. Need Help!

    I just bought a second-hand Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and am trying to take it apart to clean all the dust out inside. I am following this guide on iFixit https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Samsung+Galaxy+S+II+Teardown/5861 But I'm stuck at the stage where I have to pry off the back panel...
  4. Android News

    The HTC 10, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 and others get official LineageOS 14.1 builds

    LineageOS is officially supporting a number of new devices including the following with their 14.1 builds. . . - HTC 10 (pme) - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (n1awifi) - Wileyfox Storm (kipper) - Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi (klimtwifi) - Galaxy S II (i9100)
  5. Android News

    The I9100 Galaxy S2 receives official LineageOS 14.1 builds

    If you still have the aging I9100 Galaxy S2, then you can now flash Android 7.1 Nougat onto it thanks to official nightly builds of LineageOS 14.1.
  6. Mbarden

    Can't hard reset and I'm getting the red triangle

    I am trying to hard reset my Galaxy S2 by Sprint, using the volume up and power button method I see all over the Internet. it goes to the robot image, then it goes to the dead robot image with the red triangle and exclamation, then quickly goes black. I am not able to get to a boot menu of any...
  7. S

    Troubles to connect Galaxy S6500 to PC

    I am having troubles to connect my Samsung Galaxy S6500 to PC (running Windows XP). Despite numerous install/uninstal/reinstal of Kies or Samsung USB drivers, computer doesn't recognize phone internal memory and phone external sd card as new drives in Windows XP File Explorer. Tried with both...
  8. M

    Woke up and mo S2 isent working!

    Hello. So last night I put my S2 to charge and this morning it was on the black and white smsung logo(first one). Iv tried resets with no avail. Tried recovery mode with v-up, home and power with no go. It only gooes to the above logo twice. I can go into download mode, and got myself a version...
  9. K

    mobile water damaged

    please ignore....sorry
  10. M

    Can I send and receive calls and texts over wifi with my regular phone number??

    The place I moved to has terrible T-Mobile coverage so before I switch to a different provider... I was wondering if there is an app or something that will enable me to send and receive calls and texts via wifi using my regular phone number? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)...
  11. Buddyboy546

    Unable to establish POP3 account

    I wish to change my current IMAP mail account to a POP3 on my S2 tablet (no carrier). I deleted the IMAP account but it will not establish a POP3. I select Manual setup, then POP3. As soon as I click to enter the paswword in the box it shows a greyed out "Authenticated". I click next and all...
  12. G

    please help me out

    hi, i am newb i have a galaxy s2 plus i9105p based on android 4.1.2. i tried OTA updates but could find. now i wanted to root it and install CM 12.1 on it. i rooted it with firmware 4.1.2 via KINGROOT and install CWM non touch recovery on it. now problem is in order to install CM 12.1 you must...
  13. S

    Help Which Galaxy S2 9.7 for Project Fi?

    I want to buy an S2 to use as a data-only device on my Project Fi account. The LTE versions of the tablet are usually sold as carrier-related items (e.g., t-mobile, etc.). I guess I need one that is compatible with t-mobile, but I want to get one that I can simply plug in the Project Fi sim; I...
  14. bright atakora

    application installer is not responding

    i have reset factory of Samsung galaxy s2 and now when i switch it on it tells you the application installer is not responding,no home apps shows,the screen is black nothing displays but when you swipe the screen down you can see the contents of Bluetooth,screen rotation ,sound vibrate Wi-fi...
  15. bright atakora

    Help samsung galazy s2 the application installer is not responding

    i reset the factory and now when i switch it on,it comes alright but it tells you the application installer is not responding.you can swipe the screen down to view the contents in there but no home apps can be found,the screen is only black,please i ned help to resolve this issue thanks
  16. B

    Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Won't do absolutely nothing.

    I have a certain problem with my Samsung Galaxy S2. It's a bit old now, It has about 4 years with me. A couple of days ago, I was charging my phone and it was a bit hot. And I recieved a call. I answered it, and the phone went black. I tried turning it on and, nothing. All it showed was a blue...
  17. M

    S2 i9100 black screen

    Hey guys, first post on this forum, Was running CM12.1 on my i9100 for about a year or so. All was fine usually I use the integrated CM updater but it seems we had to guess that it was a complete NONO from 12.1 to CM13. So after the update CM13 worked well BUT I had a dead recovery because it...
  18. W

    Loss of apps

    Hi guys, could anybody who knows how to resolve this issue help me out? Today my phone suddenly rebooted itself. It wasn't the first time that happened but today after it turned itfelf on, it started but all the comertial apps missing. Do you know if this is some special mode and how can I get...
  19. G

    help: Keep getting message "For Faster Charging Use Original Charger" I'm using the original charger

    i tried to use a generic otg cable (china made) on my samsung galaxy tab s2, at first I was able to view files on my usb but when the the tablet was moved i wasn't able to view now my usb files. then when my battery gets to 7% i tried to charge it with my original samsung charger (that came in...
  20. K

    Help Galaxy S2: Everything is disabled at start

    Hello! I have a used Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 that I was given recently. I don't know which version of Android it is. It was working fine for some days but then, in a moment after I removed the external case of the phone, it enters in some kind of mode where everything is disabled. I probably touched...
  21. ironass

    Marshmallow comes to the Galaxy S2

    One of the best smartphones I have ever owned, is not dead. :);):D CyanogenMod have released an Android 6.0.1, Marshmallow, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S2 model, i9100. These are, at the moment, nightly, beta versions and should be flashed after a Factory Data Reset. Apart from the actual ROM...
  22. Android News

    CyanogenMod 13 nightlies for the Samsung Galaxy S2 bring Marshmallow

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 is yet another ancient phone about to enjoy Marshmallow thanks to CyanogenMod 13. Nightly builds for the device have started being pushed, so flash it if you want to revive that old thing of yours.
  23. mikinz

    Galaxy S2 unroot back to stock woes

    I have a Galaxy S2 I installed Cyangenmod 10 with their beta installer all went well was using it for some time, and I fancied installing lollipop and it all went wrong from there it wouldn't load so after a lot of trying different roms with no success and restoring back to stock 412 a few times...
  24. K

    Help a strange problem with battery

    I have a strange problem with my phone gt-s7582 cm12.1 . first of all, I have battery drain sometimes from 15% to 0% and sometimes from 30% to 0% and not only in cm12.1 but also on the stock rom but this not the problem actually this OK for me. the strange problem is that I can't charge my phone...
  25. Android News

    Apple seeks $100 Million for Galaxy S2 and other patent violations from Samsung

    Samsung and Apple have warred for years over smartphone patents of all shapes and sizes. Back in 2012, Apple won a verdict on claims that Samsung infringed on Apple patents when making the Galaxy S2 variants. Now, Apple seeks more than $100 Million from those in a court request seeking almost...