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Unable to establish POP3 account


Jul 3, 2016
I wish to change my current IMAP mail account to a POP3 on my S2 tablet (no carrier). I deleted the IMAP account but it will not establish a POP3. I select Manual setup, then POP3. As soon as I click to enter the paswword in the box it shows a greyed out "Authenticated". I click next and all the boxes (server settings, etc.) for my ISP are correctly filled in. Nowhere does it ask me for my ISP password. I click to sign in and it tells me an incorrect username or password has been entered, rejecting me. I suspect it all goes back to that "Authenticated" entry in the password box.

Suggestions would be appreciated.
Finally figured it out. If I enter my desired email address then the password, it will not let me enter the password. If I enter the password first it allows me to do so. Then I go back and enter the email address above it and both are accepted. I am then able to complete the process and now have my POP email on my Samsung S2 tablet. This is clearly a glitch. Perhaps this post will help others.

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But is your email actually syncing with your email service now that you've changed all those settings in your email app?

Switching to POP3 from IMAP is a fundamental change (with most people doing the opposite as IMAP is more feature-rich than POP3), typically it needs to be done at the server side, not the client side. The email app on your phone is just a client. Or did you leave out the part where you had previously logged into your mail account via a browser and switched you email service from IMAP back to POP3? (Not all email services allow for both. Gmail does but a lot are either one or the other.)
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My service provides both. I (believe I) fully understand both and what they do. I have my main OSX computer plus my Samsung S2. My wife accesses the same email account from her iPad. If I or she deletes any email, I do not want it to disappear on the other two devices. There is no way to have that happen using IMAP. If I am wrong I would love to hear it because working with POP3 is not the best choice, but it works for the reason stated.

By the way, I have the control on my S2 set to "Sync Email", even as a POP3 account. I have it set there because, if not, it would not download my mail. Am I correct?

And thanks for the response.
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Thanks again, svim. I read through it and there were no surprises, basically confirming what I know of POP3 vs IMAP. IMAP is great for one person with multiple devices. What it is not good for are couples who access and read the same email account on their separate devices. Each wants to read the mail but cannot delete it when read until the other has read it, not a practical setup. I was hoping there was a setting somewhere in IMAP that let it behave like POP3 in that regard, but apparently not. For that reason, it may be anachronistic but I'll stay with POP3 for now.
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It's actually the reverse of what you want, IMAP allows for multiple users/devices to access an account and remain synchronized, POP3 is more limited in that it's more of an email server/single client protocol. Most email apps include a setting to leave retrieved emails on the server for POP but it's still not as seamless as IMAP for multiple devices.
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