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Capture+ showing blank screen

Hi, I saw a thread on this topic before, but didn't really see a thorough fix to it. My capture+ was working fine (swiping down and choosing between either standard or extended, etc). But now when I do it, it just shows a blank white screen (that I can write on, etc), but no actual screenshot. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone have a fix?

So far, I LOVE my G6, but there are definitely some quirks to it, that usually fix themselves with a restart. But that gets old sometimes...
Specifics I've noticed:

1) If I try to screenshot, say, a text message window using 'standard' capture, it comes up blank white.

2) If I use 'extended' capture while I'm at the end of a text window (with no more text after it), it will show up blank white as well.

3) If I scroll up a bit, so that there's more text at the bottom (that I would have to scroll down to see) and use 'extended' capture, then it will capture everything correctly.

4) If I try to capture a web page, it will come up blank white.

I've contacted LG directly to see if they can help....
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