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Car charger slow?


Feb 16, 2012
I used the Razr Maxx for the first time as a GPS on a 3 hour trip. When the battery was down to 70%, I thought I'd plug in the car charger (the Motorola one) and figured it would charge the battery but it just kept it around 70%. Is that normal for it to draw more power than the charger provides or is something else going on here?
when you say you plugged in the Motorola car charger, exactly what does that mean? to my knowledge, Motorola doesnt have a car charger. I'm happy to stand corrected...

if you are using the Motorola usb cable, and a usb cig-adapter, it's possible the adapter isn't putting off enough juice. I bought Griffin Powerjolt Dual Universal USB Micro and it works perfectly. I ran Pandora and Maps for about 3 hours straight without any loss of charge. It either kept the charge stable, or maybe increased a little bit.
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I'm not an electrical engineer, by any stretch, but I suspect that the Maxx seems to charge slowly due to the extra large capacity battery it has...It would logically take more time to raise the Maxx's battery from 40% to 50% than the Razr from 40% to 50%.

I bet if someone had both the Razr and the Razr Maxx to compare on the same charger, it would prove (or disprove) my point...not that it really matters! LOL
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