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cell phone tracker app

The free app "PhoneLock" shows on your phone under the fake name "–NotePad", accessible only with your password. Upon receipt of your secret SMS codes, PhoneLock sends its GPS location to a predetermined email address and/or SMS number, and/or remotely wipes the SD card and the phone's internal memory.

I can't find PhoneLock in the Market anymore. But if you're interested I can maybe send you the .apk file.
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You can remote download any program onto the phone from market.android.com if you use the primary google account associated with the phone.

But file a police report and talk to your service provider. The service provider can track the device as long as it is on. Not sure they will, but it wouldn't hurt to ask them to track it and provide the info to police for a possible recovery. If nothing else, they can prevent the phone from making calls and dirty the ESN so it can't be used ever again.
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