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Help Certain music files not playing

So I just purchased an HTC A9 with AT&T, replacing a Galaxy S4 with Verizon.

I transferred all my files to my SD card to move them over, some of the which had been originally uploaded to the S4 via the computer, others had been on the SD card since I got my Motorola Razr M 5 years ago.

Looking at the files themselves, it appears as though the files are WMA files. However, some of them have been transfered via the same method across 3 phones with no problems, though I'm unsure if they were originally saved as WMA's.

The only other link between the files is that they all originated from a CD, and we're ripped/transfered through my laptop. However I can't figure why DRM would kick in as much as 12 years after purchase.

Any help?
I am having the same problem with my phone. There are a few songs in my library that are WMA that refuse to play on Android but are otherwise intact on a PC. Normally I have no problems playing WMA files through Play Music or ES file explorer, but these refuse to play. Also have some mp3 that have bad time signature and cut out halfway through on one player app. These files have been copied XXX times over however, Perhaps they are corrupt.
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