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Change default app for a single file


Dec 3, 2012
I want to change the default app for individual pdf files without changing the default for all pdf files.

I had been using Quick Office for regular pdf's and Kindle for ebooks. I've installed Adobe Reader. For the pdf files that have already been opened in Quick Office, the only way I can get them to open in Adobe is to go through Adobe first. New files give me a choice (Adobe, Kindle, or Quick Office).

The only instructions I can find deal with changing the default app for all files of a particular type. If I go that route, won't that screw up the Kindle ebooks?
Thanks, but I've done that. There are no defaults set for pdf files, so files that are being opened for the first tome are presented the three menu choices.

But files previously opened in Quick Office automatically open inQick Office withou presemnting menu choices, even though there is no overall default choice for pdf.

I was hoping to find a program that would allow me to set the default app for a fileon an individualbasis.
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