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Change phone to make 4G?


Jun 24, 2013
I bought an A12 Samsung phone not denoted as a prefix in your menu. Unfortunately I purchased from Hong Kong and it seems like it's only 3G here. Its 4G there with there phone masts though. I wondered if it's possible to make my phone 4G somehow though? Is it Hong Kong firmware so impossible to do or a software issue?

I can't change it the normal way in the LTE, 2g, 3g, 4g selections as 4g is missing from those menus.

I can't send it back & the company is no longer trading in Hong Kong & I don't want to send it back.

So is there a way to somehow resolve this? I'd like to think so in this day & age.

I can't change it the normal way in the LTE, 2g, 3g, 4g selections as 4g is missing from those menus.
Is LTE listed? Because LTE is 4G, and 4G is LTE, so if you have that then problem solved.

Otherwise you don't say where you are or what service provider you are with, so we can't check whether you would expect the phone's LTE (4G) bands to be compatible with your service provider's network. An exact model number would help with this too.
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SM-A125F/DS is the full model number a Samsung A12 as I said above. LTE is listed but would you all agree LTE is 4G. There is no mention of 4G and my internet crawls even in the centre of town. Plus it's listed as Vol LTE2 on my little icons near the top of the screen next to the battery amount. Is there an app that checks it perhaps to see if it's 4G? As I said I bought in Hong Kong from the UK online. So it was delivered to the UK & use it in the UK. But there out of business now so I'm not going to cry over spilt milk on that.

I thought LTE would say 4G next to it which it doesn't. So is that definitely 4G?

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