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Changing how photos are numbered when being saved to camera storage

Galaxy S20+
Android 13
UI 5.1
Phone unrooted

Hello everyone, I'm looking for your assistance please with an issue that bugs me to death. I have used the search facility, but was unable find the answer I'm looking for.

My question is this: Is it possible to change the file numbering option when saving photos on my phone? My phone saves photo files with a 14 digit number for example, 20221210_123456. I would like to change how photos are saved to a similar system used in my Canon camera, IMG_1234.

I don't know if what I'm asking is even a possibility, but I'm sure someone will know one way or another.

Thanking you in advance for your replies.
Look in the settings of your camera app. If such an option exists, that's where it will be. Though at a quick glance my s21's camera doesn't have that option, so I don't think it's that likely.

Of course the naming system here is informative: that 14 digit number is yyyymmdd_hhmmss, i.e. a date+time stamp for the image. It's also pretty standard for Android: my Pixel 2 would prefix this time stamp with PXL_, while my 2010 HTC Desire would prefix it with IMG_, but using an ISO8601 datestamp in the filename rather than just a shutter release number (most likely what your Canon does) has been a common feature from the early days of Android.

A third party camera app may have other options. Open Camera allows you to choose the format of the date+time stamp, though it still saves images as IMG_date_time rather than IMG_SequenceNumber (you can change the "IMG_" prefix if you prefer). I don't know about others as it's years since I tried other alternative camera apps. Of course a third party app will have other imaging features, but as it's not written for a specific phone's camera hardware it may also not be able to use all of the features of your phone's camera system.
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