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Changing Spotify Storage

Re: How do you put storage on external SD on day release?

This is exactly what I did:
First make sure all the old data (songs, etc.) have been completely erased from the phone and external SD card
2.and then uninstall the new application
Third retrieve the "old" program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9bwd3qqx2x286h/SpotifyA ndroid.apk
4th install it (make sure you have "install from Unknow sources" enabled on your device)
5a start the program, and then log off, if you are logged in automatically.
5b from the login screen, click on your phones menu button, press the "reset Spotify" and press ok.
6a is still on the login screen, press the menu button again and select "select SD Location"
6b at this point would suggest "/ mnt / sdcard" - this is not your external SD card. The phone's internal memory. You must change it to "/ mnt / extSdCard" NOTE: This is from my Galaxy S3, and may vary from phone to phone
7, when this has been changed, test it - note both phone memory status and the external SD card, and see what decreses after saving a few songs
8 If it is now to save on the external SD card, you can visit Google Play and upgrade to the new version of Spotify (without uninstalling the old version or change any settings)
If this does not work for you, so I do not know what will - excuses. Hopefully you were simply not doing a part 6b properly ...
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