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Changing the lock/unlock sounds

I don't think that's what he meant (or maybe I'm misreading).

I know that the lock/unlock sounds change when changing the screen swipe effect; however, I might like one effect (e.g. Particle) but I might like the sounds from another effect (e.g. Ripple). The lock/unlock sounds seem to be tied to those. My default notification sound is one of the Vienna Boys ones, but I have never heard it play for any notification for any app. I have left it at that Vienna Boys sounds because to me it's intentionally annoying and so if I ever hear it, I can track it down easier -- if that makes sense.

That said, I read somewhere (likely on XDA) that it can be changed only by rooting and replacing the sound file (something.ogg) with another one. Since you (OP) mentioned that you didn't want to root, I'll leave it at that. Maybe there is something that can be done, hopefully someone will chime in.
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