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charges broken


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Plese someone help me my charging is broken on my 10.1 Samsung galxy note pleses some one help me the cord of the charge is rip in half a little and the wire is about to come of. Right now I am charging it and I only have 11 % of battery ples help :"( T_T why does this have to happen. They should do something about this. They need more pertection on the cord, port and the wire someone end this pleses I need your help fast, by the way my is and Samsung galxy 10.1 tab or note? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME I AM ONKY 12 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!! why does this have to happen why :'(

First, if your tablet has a removeable stylus it is a note. If it doesn't it isn't.

Inanimate objects such as chargers and leads don't break themselves. Someone has been careless (or deliberately destructive). You should get a new or second hand one from somewhere. It sounds like your one has had it.

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