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Charging problem


Sep 30, 2014
Dear All !

First of all sorry for my english :)

I hope everybody will understand me :)

The problem :

Unfortunately i fall my S3 in my breakfast... that was a little milk and crunch.

After that i pick up from plate, and try to clear it.

The phone is working normally. I used the silikon holder, and the milk level in the place is very very low.

The phone was in the milk only 1 sec, and just only the bottom until the main button.

Now the phone is working, the problem with a charger.

The charger is working caotic. sometime work, sometimes won't.

I cleared with a needle, and the problem is still there.

Only one thing, what i see. When the battery level is going under 50% percent, the charger is working all the time. If i plug out around 80%, and try to charge, the phone is crash, and the charger is not working.

Anybody have a idea what i can do now ?

Please help me, i should use the phone for my work, so it neccessary to fix it.


Welcome Honkee:)
No worries about your English, it's just fine:)

I would recommend removing the battery, sd card and/or sim card and place the device in a bag of uncooked rice for at least 24 to 48 hours...the rice will absorb any moisture.
Fail that, check out this thread for more in depth help:

And one more question, what cereal was for breakfast? :D (I'm just being funny haha :p)
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