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Charging the MT4G slide

So the other night when I was charging my phone I was already doing other stuff like watching netflix and texting. Then it started getting REALLY hot and then the normal orange light that stays on while charging started blinking green and orange. I thought "oh I got a text or something" but then I was like that's never happened before. I just wanted to know if this was normal? Did I over heat my phone by using it and charging it at the same time? I just wanna know if its safe to leave it on and charge it at the same time. It won't fry the battery or phone will it? And what was up with the blinking orange and green light?

Oh and I've also been having a problem with the sd card unmounting itself randomly. It takes several tries to get it to mount again.
Check and see if your sd card is in all the way....also my phone gets really hot when charging, it cant be good...I didn't have the blinking light problem though....some people are having luck by getting the 1900 mah battery from anker....the one for the HTC Sensation....they say it fixed the over heating problem...plus it is a bigger battery, so it will last longer between charges...there is a whole thread dedicated to it over at XDA Forums.
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