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Cheapest plan with the galaxy s3 with data?

Currently using the HTC Evo 3d 4g through virgin mobile. I pay 40$ a month with insurance. But I'd like to upgrade to a Galaxy s3 without paying an outrageous amount while still having good service in my area. Just looking for recommendations.

virgin mobile is in Canada so I assume you live in Canada.

*****DISCLAIMER: I live in BC so it may be different where you live. Also, most of the numbers I'm throwing out is via memory, you'll have to check their official website to find out exact numbers. *****

I know here in BC, the big three (Rogers, Bell, Telus) all have the 16GB SGS3 with an upfront payment of $160 and a min $50/month plan.
Virgin Mobile is probably something similar as they are a sub-company of Bell's.

I would, if you are almost done your contact or not in contract, call Virgin Mobile's retention department. They can get you a nice plan at a discount + phone upgrade but the only thing is you have to sign for three years.
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I actually live in the United States. I didn't know they were also in Canada. But I suppose it would explain why there website here is virginmobileusa.com.

Tmobile has great inexpensive data plans, you do tend to pay more for the phones through them. I would go into Walmart of Target but I think you can get an everything plan for 49. I have 5 lines 3 with data & unlimited messaging, and I only pay 177 a month.

A friend just bought her s3 at target via tmobile for 179
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