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chrome book question


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Jan 3, 2013
if anyone her has worked with chrome books i have a question? i have 5 chrome books 4 ar hp 14" 1 is a samsung and 1 is an acer. today i started up the samsung and i get a end of life alert. in research i find google stops updating them after 5 years. so being all of them are synced now my info is at risk because i have a device now that will not get any security updates, sucks. so i read i can run my books in linux ubuntu format and that is way more secure. so if i take this book and run it with ubunty will it still sync with the others and not mess with them? also will the pages still look thae same or will i now have to get use to a different look, kind of like when windows changed o/s and we all complained? if this is not the correct place maybe someone can direct me towards the correct forums? chromebook forums down't seem to really want to help outside of the chrome format. thansk
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ok thanks for this information but i have to find out how they are in the security department? and if they run like chrome as to allow me to sync my info between the other books i have so when i run a different one it still looks the same. maybe someone here has that info. thanks

so.. have a look at those possible options for starters.. decide what you think looks like a good option, and go to the home page for that project... read through their documentation, and forums (if they have any). tp see if it will do what you need it to.
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