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Ciphone A3


Feb 5, 2011
OK I sure hope someone can help me here>>>I have this Ciphone A3 supposed to be a knock off of the Iphone.....I like the phone it comes with 2.2 but for some reason I cant get it to load android apps....then I am reading about APK files......but I am new aand I dont know what that is...when I try to get a free app it just says "your app will be downloaded....then at the top of the screen it says'''your download was unsucessful"every time so what exactly do I have to do I know you have to have a gmail account and I do and I make sure I am signed in also I make sure I am on wi-fi so I cant seem to figure out....I want to go and get appbrain with the fast web installer but I cant seem to load them!!???does anyone have a clue what I am missing??thanks Kev


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