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Clipboard Admin - clipboard manager


Android Enthusiast
Aug 28, 2010
Looking for some testers :)

Clipboard admin is a clipboard manager for Android. The application runs in the background saving all copied text into an SQL DB for later viewing and/or modification. A system tray icon is enabled for easy access while also displaying your most recent entry.
- Sort via alpha, oldest, newest, modified date
- Create and sort by favorites
- Export to SD
- Share
- Edit/delete clipping
- Copy existing clippings
- Add custom clippings
- Delete entire db in one go
- Backup/restore db

Great idea, works well so far.

Is it possible to get the most recent text in the notification bar for easier copy/paste or is that a pro feature?
Would also be nice to pin text in the notification bar.

Pro and free are exact same apart from ads. I can see about adding those features though :) Maybe sticky ones can copy right from status instead of main app?
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Thats what I was thinking as well, The problem of course is that custom remoteViews are only supported in ICS and better for notification. But it would be sweet to be able to just pull the menu down and paste instead of having to open the app.
You want to ensure your ads are seen of course so probably want to only have that in your pro version.
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