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Help CLIQ automatically restarts itself


Jun 26, 2010
Ok, lets see if anyone else is having a similar problem.

I recently bought an unlocked T-Mobile CLIQ and I'm using it in Canada (FIDO).... I have 2 SIM cards that I've been testing with the CLIQ.

On one phone SIM, the phone works perfectly fine... no complaints (in fact, its quite a good phone)

HOWEVER, on my 2nd SIM card, the phone has problems picking up a signal, so it spends most of its time on Emergency Call Only... and then to add insult to injury, the phone will automatically restart after several minutes

I have a hard time believing that a SIM card can cause this phone to mess up... but i can't explain how it works for one SIM, but not for another?????

ok, this is more of a FYI for future people who might experience the same problem with Canadian GSM providers.

My FIDO sim card was apparently "out dated".. so i had to spend $10 to buy an updated SIM card... and my phone works now

for once, i can't blame android or motorola for this :p
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