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Complete newbie


Feb 13, 2011
Hey Everyone,

I'm a complete newbie and still live in the "stone age" as to smart phones, etc. So I'd like to appeal to everyone for some help.

I'm currently a US expat in China still using a Palm T/X and a cheap $20 cell phone from six (6!) years ago. I was recently laughed at by some of my other expat coworkers as to using the palm.

It was somewhat of a wake up call, but I adamantly refuse to be an Apple fanboy and get the iPhone.

In that regard, I've done alot of shopping around and am rather lost so any advice would be helpful with respect to the below conditions

- UNLOCKED for GSM use in China
- Calendar - I work in law and deadlines are treated very seriously in this line of work. As I will be constantly scheduling meetings, etc, I'm debating between a full keyboard or touch screen. (Any thoughts on this?)
- Expenses - I need to log all my expenses for reimbursement from work (when applicable) and view them in an Excel or Google spreadsheet at the end of the month. I believe I can get an app for this?
- PDF/Office Documents - I need to able to edit office documents, etc. on the go. I just need to be able to read PDFs.
- All the misc stuff - camera, storing photos, writing memos, world clock, e-mail.
- "Respectable" battery life (at least a day or so?)

Not necessary
- Music, web surfing.
- Extra storage via micro SD or SD.

I'm not sure if this is too much. But any help would be appreciated.

My only starting point with some help by my friend is to start off with the Nexus One and get it used and unlocked on Ebay.

Thanks in advance.


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