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Help Concerned about the lens?


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Apr 25, 2010
So I noticed a small spec of dust under my camera lense cover. It was driving me nuts so I pulled apart my phone to see how easy that lense was to pop off.

Well, it's super easy to pull off. It's held together with 4 small drops of some sort of sticky rubber cement (w/e type is safe for the phone I presume, please dont go taking apart your phone and sticking any type of glue in there) I was able to pull off the cover, blow off the dust and restuck the cover with the same sticky cement.

So fear not if you scratch this. It looks super easy to replace. I haven't found any aftermarket parts, but I bet you can get the replacement directly from HTC or Verizon for next to nothing.
Yeah that whole piece comes off. When it comes off all thats left is a square hole where the real camera lens is. I was a little nervous taking it off since I didn't want to get dust or fingerprints directly on the lens, but the dust underneath the cover was driving me nuts
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