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"Confirm: A read report will be sent" on MMSs from one contact


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Jun 17, 2011
Owensboro, KY
This just started happening. My phone since October is a ZTE Cymbal flip phone that runs a very stripped down stock Android on it (no package installer, no APK support, no app store, no internet even, which makes it far more secure than GrapheneOS and also makes it update proof) and whenever my girlfriend sends me pictures as MMS it lags for a minute, then pops up saying 'Confirm: A read report will be sent' OK/CANCEL. If I cancel, the picture never shows. If I confirm it displays normally but the lag it shows whenever I get the pop-up which I have never seen before is the cause of my frustration since if I'm typing to her when she sends a photo, it stops me from sending any input for that minute while it produces the pop-up.

I verified on my phone that read reports are unchecked, and I had a discussion with her about what to disable on her phone (hers is a TCL, and she uses Verizon Message+, I recommended her to check the settings on that app and even use the other, stock messages app, and she has the setting also unchecked but it still does this on mine)

Only when receiving pictures. Is this RCS causing this? Am I expected to live with this now? I wish carriers would stop forcing their will on customers. It already upsets me that they won't let me use my Thunderbolt since September, but now they're messing up flip phones now!
Happy to help, but my issue remains unresolved.

EDIT: I just tried to revive my Galaxy S4 Mini, and it works, but the pop-up still happens when she sends me a MMS photo. I found out it's definitely how my phone is handling RCS messages since on hers she can see them show 'delivered' 'sent' and 'seen' when she sends me messages, and hers shows a typing indicator if I'm typing one out. When she sends MMS, the phone interprets the message in two ways: both as an 'urgent' (shows a ! next to envelope symbol in notification area) and confirms the 'read/seen' status on her phone via a read receipt. Annoying as all get out but something I suppose I have to live with.

TIL: the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Verizon Variant) is VoLTE compatible. Who knew?
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