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connecting my phone to a macbook?


Thank Me, Im Irish!
Jun 6, 2010
Please excuse the insanely noobish question ... i am brand new to mac, someone just gifted me this macbook.

Id like to download a rom and place it on my SDCard, but first i need to get my macbook to recognize my phone and let me browse the sdcard.

So .. where do i begin? Super beginner steps would be appreciated.

I have plugged the phone into the macbook ... nothing happened (of course). I also opened Finder and expected to see it there somewhere, but it wasnt.

How about downloading the rom straight to your phone and bypass the computer all together?

Just navigate to the rom, click download and it should download to your download folder on your device then find it with your custom recovery.

Do not unzip it!

Macs like to auto unzip too so be careful if you download to your mac
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