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Connecting to the PS3?


Dec 8, 2009
Hi, i was in my intuitive mood earlier, and thought with android and all its awesome capabilities, why haven't we (or have we... o_O) come up with a way to connect android to say the PS3? I realize its more on the compatibility on the playstation's side, but there's always a way around that, right? What i was trying to do was see if i could connect my g1 to the ps3 via usb, and use it as like a flash drive. When i plug it in, the g1 recognizes its being plugged in to a system and not a wall, but the playstation couldn't give any less of a hoot... are there any programmers possibly working on this? I think the posibilities would be emense:eek:! Even if we could some how get the ps3 to register the phone as a camera! that would be amazing! Thoughts? Comments? :rolleyes:


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