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Help Contact sync, search & other problems


Sep 6, 2010
I have found several problems while working with my contacts and I would like to share them to see if there is any solution for some of the problems:

1. In the Greek version, the right side alphabetical list is only in English characters. If you have all your contacts in Greek it is completely useless.

2. The search function works only on the main screen. If you are looking to add persons in a group or if you try to add a dialed number to an existing contact, you cannot search for it. Instead you can only drag the list by finger, which is frustrating if you can't use the right side index (see 1).

3. If you are simultaneously working with phone contacts and gmail contacts there is no way to synchronize the two lists! If you add a contact in gmail it only changes the google list, and vice versa. It is at least strange for a google phone.

4. Creating groups in the phone for phone contacts does not create lists in gmail. So I tried to completely discard the phone contacts by not showing them at all and work only with gmail. Alas. I created all my groups in gmail, but they don't appear in the phone, although the phone shows only the google contacts!

5. There is no way, either on the phone, or on gmail to import/export groups. If you have all your contacts organized in groups, it is frustrating.

6. Kies does not allow to create groups. In fact, Kies is only useful for updating Galaxy's firmware. If you compare it with, say, Nokia's PC Suite, it is primitive, to say the least. Full functions for contacts, calendar, sms, backup, restore, synchronization etc are missing altogether.

7. When importing contacts on the phone from nokia's vcf files, the birthdays are messed up and they show like 909.74.1 (or something like that). The same function on gmail works fine. If you show both lists on the phone, each contact appears to have two birthdays, one normal and one messed up... (this is something I noticed today, and may or may not have to do with the importing procedure. It may be a result of the phone's merging function, I can't say for sure).

I hope most of these will be addressed with a future update, since I consider my phone a business tool, and contacts should be easy to use and edit to facilitate such use


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